added two new songs. see if you can find out what they are.  scratch that. three.


5 thoughts on “

  1. the chipmunk song xPp and the err other one i don`t know the name of!! the one with the girll singing! haha (= welps call me whenver! cuss i don’t know when i`m home or nott but i`m leaving for bball soon so not noww but i have bball from 2:30 to 4:30 , then shower ,, then imma call you to pick me up kks? (= yayayyyy i lovee yoU!!! and of course you`ve helpedd me ;))j0est—<3

  2. :] yay i love this song — brandy – have you ever. :Dyay, tuesday! haha .. you haveta help me w/ the tshirt! x] lol mmns, well ttyl byebye–[v]bball buddy 😀

  3. let’s see if i can get all your songs:_ akon – mr. lonely_ brandy – have you ever_ all 4 one – beautiful as you_ 1 tym – without you_ 98 degrees – because of you_ nobody’s angel – i can’t help myselfhmmms, and i dont hear any other songs i think …blah so bored, i really should finish my homework x o blah. o wells :]

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