LOL mann! erryone go to joho`s xangaa. TiTANiC in 30 seconds is HiLARiOUS !! ;DD it cheered me up soo much. thanks joest [=

mm wells i also went to glendale galleria todays. fun stuff [=  ii finally got a new mudd backpack. i love it so muchhh hahah. and i also got a dkny sweater and a pair of twenty`s ;D  it was a fun dayy. mm whose jeremy? hahaha.

also, added two more songgs . try figuring them out peo  


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  1. (= no problema dear ;)) hahaha i wus laffing sO hard when i saw it!! lol OH i got one beyonce – dangerously in lovee and hrmm nextt one iss… mario – let me love you (= amm i right??? muahhaa anyways the titanic thingg the funniest part wus when the hand went up when the glass wus all mistyy ;)) LOL mmuahhs dear i LOVEE youj0est—<3

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