eagles lost =[ by 3 points. the score was 24 to 21. blehh welps went to peters yesterday witt johnny, blam, blee, jeremy, & caesar for a “superbowl party” =P i arrived at 3pm and the guys were cooking bbq when i got there. there was lots of food thereee! i just wanted to pigg out hahah =X (but didntt) mm then erryone decided to play some texas hold `em. i didnt playy. no dinero ;P but i was dealer for awhile [= haha and then after the 2 hour game, we all went into the dining room and celebrated jeremy`s 17th birthday (today) then my mom came and picked me up at 8pm! o(:


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  1. haha, no no, we set my cam to timer…and we put it on top of the TV, so it took pics of us… while we just thought of random poses…. haha, no, we’re not that rich to hire a photographer u silly-mentz

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