HAPPY CHiNESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! [= wells school was same as usual.. mm then afterschool i went to get my x-rays for my teeth. ima be getting braces soon >.< the x-ray thing was soo weird. the guy put all these weird stuff in my mouth and to put my head in weird positions O.o haha anyywayyss after that my mom sis and i went back home and henry was already home. then we all went to new capital for our chinese new years eve dinner [= so stuffed.. man we ordered wayyy too much. and then i got my hong bao ;P haha but im sad cus i missed johnnys last home game against tc =[[ but its okkayy, i know my baby did well [= welps thats about it erryone! i hope you all have a fantastic Chinese New Year (=


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  1. oh ohh! MOMMY AND DADDY LOOK SO PRETTYFUL IN THE PICTURE =] haha did you know one of your songss is a korean one translated to english? =P just had to say that. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR MOMMMY! I LOVEEE YOU!

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