i took my english final today. it was pretty easy, except for a few questions. mm and lunch i went to the art room again to work on my art with jenny. shes so friggn hilarious ! haha and man is LiFE cinnamon cereal good O.O anyhoo, afterschool michael took us home cus my mom was in long beach. blah blah then half an hour or an hour after we got home, my mom was back with joanne aiee and we went to the mall to shop! sharon bought a pair of jeans from hollister and a top from charlotte rouse.. i bought a pair of longggg tilt jeans and i love em!! xD hehee yeups and then we left around 7:30PM to go to ralphs to buy water and milk and now im back =) shopping really made my day-ish.. hahaha


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  1. lol you told me about those jeans!  x] haha i l0ve hollister/a&f jeans :] omg they`re so comfy and they actually fit me!  hahaa i got a hollister skirt todai!  it fits perfectly! cus its a size 0 unlike the other one HAHA l0ves you<33

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