Spring Break’s over and its our first day back to school! not bad [= oh yeas, and my brother stayed over last night cus he had the day off and he was getting his car fixed. we ate at Coco`s around 9PM for a late dinner ;P ohh and i saw Laura Kiralla there, but i didnt say hi. what a coincidink ey? welps henry took sharon and me out to dinner? afterschool. we went to eat at Noodle World. i ordered hainan chicken ;P really stuffed. mm then i got home and made my mommy sharon henry and myself a straywberry banana mango smoothiee. twas yummyy =)
i went to the SOUTHCOAST MALL =) with my mommy sharon and joanne aiee. once we got there we ate at the Rainforest Cafe which totally rocks!! i love that placeee. i wana go there for my birthdayyyy ;D although it was difficult enjoying the food because of my stupid rubberbands = mm after that we shopped for a really really long timee. the mall closed at 6PM because it was Sunday. so then we decided to go down to Downtown Disney [= which i also totally love (well mainly just disneyland.. i also wana go to disney world someday!) we shopped for awhile, then ate at Naples. good ole memoriess. although we didn’t get to be seated upstairs. mm got really stuffed then we left cus by the time we finished it was around 11PM so we started driving backk. we got home around 12AM? then knocked out.

joest! hurry and email me those hot pics (:


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  1. and here those hot pics?  haha do you mean to say send those hot pics? hahahahahah i still have some that i didn`t have time to show you yesterdai x] i`ll send them now if my frikin` mail works -__- haha love yous :]

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