i just got back from FRCC/ZCOP retreat at San Francisco yesterday. i
learned so much.. thank you God.  When i was there, those five
days seemed so much longer, but now that i’m back, it seemed as if i
was only away for a day.  well before i got there, my walk with
God wasn’t strong at all.  i would call myself a Christian but i
was far from it.  i guess you could call me a lukeworm.  The
one major thing i learned at this retreat that Jaeson Ma preached was
the oil in the lamp and the wise virgins and foolish virgins.. 
The oil and lamp are metaphors.  The lamp is the ministries, and
the oil is our time spent with God or the intimacy, which is the golden
key to our relationship with Him.  Jaeson also preached about
Martha and Mary. Martha would work so hard for God, cook and clean and
prepare, but all Mary wanted to do was spend time with God.  And
Martha would get mad at Mary for not doing anything, or at least she
thought.  Lovers always OUTWORK workers.  Even though i felt
like ive heard this story before, i never really listened
to it before. You see, all God really wants is for us to spend time
with Him, to get to know Him, to know what His personality and
characteristic is like. 
He doesnt care how many churches you build or if youre the president of
your Christian club..etc.  Intimacy begins when you start to
understand that God enjoys you even in your weakness. it also takes time and devotion. 
Prayer is intimacy.  Dont think of it as asking for things but
just spending time with Him as you would with a friend. I also learned
about prophesy and how to prophesi (my first time too >.<) it was
quite an amazing experience.  Let me just leave you with some bold
points that really hit me.
+The heavens belong to God, but the campuses belong to us.
+im not a sinner who struggles to love God, but a LOVER of God who sometimes struggle with sin.
+we are the light of the world because Jesus shines in us.
+we are all HiSTORYMAKERS!
+its either God or odd
+you don’t chase the feeling, you chase Him.
+view every tragedy as an opportunity.. oh yes (as an opportunity to praise Him)
+lovers always OUTWORK workers!
+God judges you by your hearts intentions
+pray and obey
+lovesick worshipper [=
+bring the church to the people, not the people to the church
+bring HEAVEN down to Earth
I will probably post up more laters but anyways. i would also like to thank the Chus, my awesome FiESTY sisters
=P, for being there for me. you three are so different but its so
amazing how God can still bring all three of your different
personalities together and make it work.  im also glad i got to
spend more time with you gals. and i shall post up pictures soon.


8 thoughts on “

  1. wow! amen! Im so glad you learned a lot also! haha you actually reminded me about A LOT more stuff that was talked about that i had already forgotten. thanks. im so glad that we had time to hand out, you twins are an awesome couple. haha. God Bless. see you on sunday!

  2. flora i’m sooooo glad i got to know you more at frcc and that you and sharon went!!!! PRAISE GODDD!! i hope everything you learned will be incorporated in you lifestyle. be radical for christ. because He loves you. and me too! hahaha God blessss~

  3. floraaaaaaaa! yea, youve grown SO MUCH! im so excited that we got to know each other more. you huang sisters are AWESOME!!!!:D you know… together… we’re the chuang sisters?? HAHAHAH awesome!!! go CHUANGS!:D:D:D

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