Awkard much?

   someone’s blog inspired me to post my awkward moment as well..

I was walking with a friend, but she bumped into someone she knew and stopped to talk to her.  Instead of stopping with her to endure an awkward moment of standing there and listening to their conversation, I decided to cross the street to wait for her there.  As I reached the other side of the street, I saw a couple parting (they were holding hands trying to part and elongating their farewell as shown in picture above).  So I stood there in between them as the girl walked left and guy walked right.  I watched the girl as she walked away and saw that she glanced back to see her boy.  Unfortunately, I was in the way and we made eye contact, so I instinctively looked to the right (and I wanted to see if the guy saw her glance too – in which he didnt). As I was checking to see if the guy saw, the guy turned around to look at his girl, in which I was again unfortunately caught the glance he had intended for her – and so we made that awkward eye contact.  I felt as tho I had interfered with their loving glances at each other.  I should have just yelled at the couple during their respective glances that they didnt see each other… *note: pictures are not exaggerated at all.

After this disheveled arrangement of glances, my friend caught up with me and I told her of my misfortune of intercepting their loving ganders for one another in which never reached their respective recipients.  Halfway to our destination, I then see the guy to my right, made direct eye contact again right before he biked off.  This picture pretty much sums up how I felt, except i was right in the middle of it.


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