The One with Joey’s Big Break.

Ross: What do you like better flora or fauna?
Phoebe: Fauna.
Ross: Who would you rather be Simon or Garfunkle?
Phoebe: Garfunkle.
Ross: Why are you mad at me?
Phoebe: You said I was boring. Oh!
Ross: When did I say you were boring?
Phoebe: Oh my God, I remember now! We were playing chess!
Ross: Phoebe! You and I have never played chess!
Phoebe: Oh, come on! Yes… remember that time on the frozen lake? We were playing chess, you said I was boring, and then you took off your energy mask and you were Cameron Diaz! Okay, there’s a chance this may have been a dream.

sadness.. haha


Joey: “Heads she wins, tails i lose!”


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