Do you sometimes talk to someone and think back on the conversation and wish you could have said something during that conversation but weren’t able to fully express at that time? Well, here’s one, among several. After a long deliberation with a friend and some evaluation of scripture, I figured I would say it here now.

Grace is something God gives us freely that we aren’t supposed to receive. What is that something? That ‘something’ is not salvation. That ‘something’ is mercy.

So what is mercy? Mercy is quite the opposite of grace. Mercy is the absence of something that we are supposed to receive. In the case of mercy, what is this ‘something’? This ‘something’ is punishment/hell/eternal separation from God. Mercy is the absence of punishment we are supposed to receive.

Thus, grace is unmerited mercy that God gave to us by sending His only Son to die on a cross to give us eternal salvation through Jesus. However, having God’s mercy does not mean you have salvation through Jesus. It is only through accepting Jesus Christ in your life, will you go to heaven.
“Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.'” – John 14:6

For some, this may be old news. For others, it may not make any sense. Every time I think of it, it still astounds me that I, lowest of lows, dirtier than the hyphae and mycorrhizae that tunnel through the deepest soils, am still able to receive God’s wonderful grace. It’s over my head.

Unquenchable songs and endless praise
A million tongues poised to sing
Could still not convey
The worth that Your name deserves
Beauty for ashes
Joy for pain
Mercy instead of my blame
Ruins me for more
I’m lost in Your presence, Lord

Starfield – Over My Head


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